I'm very sorry, but the fun in RadioDJ has left me.

The few scripts I made are still for free to direct download

I don't want to offend anyone, but I don't appreciate the reactions to my writing, especially about the often false positive and then say ignore it, it doesn't come across well.

Also getting a bit tired of next weekend coming a new release only it thaks a year for an small update.

Make it open software and focus on the pro version

A Sponsors indicated that a pro version would come out in January 2022! NOOP PRO release...

It remains a nice program, only the fun is a bit over due to the long waiting times for a good update for a beta version.

This is of course my humble opinion

Think there are more forum members who are also a bit tired of seeing the number of posts on the forum.

Keep in mind that a server administrator who has purchased several virus programs that make reports on a program don't risk their job with these comments, it's a false positive so ignore it.

I may still make improvements or new scripts, but that is not certain.

Script nameSome text about
one page request.zipJust one page for request to make, included all settings
RadioDJ Demo script 2.2.3.zipDemo website for radiodj
RDJ_Template-request.zipTemplate for requests
RDJ_Template-request in multi lang.zipRequest template with multi languages