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I would like to offer my scripts and manuals for free
perhaps these are a starting point for programming your own
website and can be used as an example.

All Files are zipped.

RadioDJ Demo script (Times Downloaded 31 )Upgrade to work with PHP 8
one page (Times Downloaded 28)requests in one page settings (Times Downloaded 33)Template for requests

RadioDJ 2043 manual_Help.exe (Times Downloaded 26)Help file with internal viewer.
RadioDJ 2043 manual_manual.rtf (Times Downloaded 29)Limit to read in word.
RadioDJ 2043 manual.epub (Times Downloaded 23)To read as Epub.
RadioDJ 2043 manual.pdf (Times Downloaded 28)To read with a pdf reader.
RadioDJ 2043 manual.chm (Times Downloaded 23) To read as windows help file.
mp4 how new user in database server. (Times Downloaded 20) How to make a new user in the database server movie mp4.
Website RadioDJ 2043 manual . (Times Downloaded 20) Help file as website