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Free scripts


JWL free scripts to use with RadioDJ.

Released under the MIT license.

But not supported!

File Name:File size:File date: DL Information on file:
usbwebserver_v8.6.2.PHP7.1.zip46.74 MB05 Jan 20229usbwebserver_v8.6.2.PHP7.1
For testing cripts
Or running your one home webserver.
USBWebserver v8.6.5PHP7.4.zip53.66 MB05 Jan 20229USBWebserver v8.6.5PHP7.4.zipscript.
For testing cripts
Or running your one home webserver.
wampserver3.2.0_x64.zip516.81 MB05 Jan 20228wampserver3.2.0_x64.zip.
For testing cripts runs with php 8
Or running your one home webserver.
one page request.zip8.80 KB05 Jan 202211one page request.zip.
RDJ_Template-request.zip10.60 KB05 Jan 202212RDJ_Template-request.
Basic internet station script.zip1.36 MB05 Jan 202215Basic internet station script.
To use with the 0 to steaming to internet

What are the options in this script

  • A home start page to make your self.
    (Whit a special page editor)
  • What is now playing.
  • Station coming play list
  • Station played play list
  • Request a track
  • Top tracks list
  • Top albums list
  • Deferent history list
  • Option make a request only on login

setup a station free files.zip142.94 MB05 Jan 202213Setup a station free files.

    ZIP file Includes:

  1. RadioDj v.
  2. SQL Server (win32 and winx64 MariaDB version)
  3. icecast_win32_2.4.4
  4. Encoder software
  5. Web server + PHP7 website